“Mirrors suggest sparkling water and sky to me.”

I ‘frame’ the mirror in clay and sculpted hardwood. They open up a room or office space by reflecting light. The curving shapes and lines created offer a functional and unique visual hanging art form.

Good to know:

  • I use the highest quality, 1/4″ thick mirror.
  • They are ready to hang.
  • I recommend not using harsh cleaners with ammonia or vinegar.
  • I can custom design larger, smaller, wider, taller mirrors.
Deep Water Mirror and Stony Creek Shelf *new*
Placid Water
Ocean Wave
Precious Stone
Beachcomber *new*
Garden Joy *new*
Sand Bar
Nautilus Reflection
New Moon *new*
Spring Leaf *new*
Canyon Echo *new*
Oceanside Cove
Large Precious Stone
Low Tide *new*
Journey Gem
Water Ways
Robin’s Egg
River, Rock, Jump
River Jewels