“Mirrors suggest sparkling water and sky to me.”

I ‘frame’ the mirror in clay and sculpted hardwood. They open up a room or office space by reflecting light. The curving shapes and lines created offer a functional and unique visual hanging art form.

Good to know:

  • I use the highest quality, 1/4″ thick mirror.
  • They are ready to hang.
  • I recommend not using harsh cleaners with ammonia or vinegar.
  • I can custom design larger, smaller, wider, taller mirrors.
Deep Water Mirror and Stony Creek Shelf
Placid Water
Nautilus Reflection
Ocean Wave
Precious Stone
New Moon
Sand Bar
Canyon Echo
Oceanside Cove
Spring Leaf
Large Precious Stone
Journey Gem
Low Tide
Water Ways
Robin’s Egg
River, Rock, Jump
River Jewels