Inspired by the Scottish tradition of trail or summit markers. Seemingly precarious stacked clay stones create a playfully earthy base for this soft lighting. Clay “stones” are each fired differently- pit fired, crackle glazes, variegated glazes and textured glazes. Bottom base is polished black marble.

Swan *new*
Not For Naught Lamp
Blue Moon Floor Lamp
Stone Frolic *new*
Terra Skipping Stone *new*
Medium Skipping Stone *new*
Jacque Frost
Terra Cairn Lamp – Large
Terra Cairn Lamp – Medium
Terra Cairn Lamp – Small
Cool Earth Cairn Lamp – Large
Cool Earth Cairn Lamp – Medium
Cool Earth Cairn Lamp – Small
See’n Stone
Feather Light
Toasted Earth *new*
Rock On
Not Knot Lamp
Super Seed *new*